Friday, July 13, 2012

Ashley and Brian Boothe!!

Ashley and Brian Boothe were married at the Jones Victorian Estate on the 30th of June and it was a spectacular day filled with family, friends and lots of love!
On this blog, I mixed the photographs from Luminaire Images and some of my own to show you just some of the fun we had that day!

Here's beautiful Ashley and her lovely Mother, Leslie! They were a blast to work with!

A supportive Bridal party smooths the waters of planning!  They chose well!

Simply Beautiful!

 The bouquet really popped with those magenta peonies. Thank you Flower Allie!! All of the flowers were G O R G E O U S!

This is such a lovely shot! You can almost hear what he's whispering!  Her smile tells it all!

And here's the bridal party!!!

The road shot is always so impressive no matter what time of year!! With a beautiful couple like Ashley and Brian, the drive is alive with love.

Brian! The man of the day!!

Ashley's father gave a precious toast that only fathers can give... Great Job Dad! 

Ashley and Brian's centerpieces were a gorgeous mix of mercury glass and mirrors....

Silver and Crystal.... and beautiful silver candelabras.

 Their guest book table was probably one of my top favorites! Ashley framed about 30 photos of the two of them growing up. They included other family members in those photos that made this display heartwarming and perfect. If you look really closely, on either side of the silverware box that is displaying the Bride and Groom's engagement photo, there are two very special pictures.... proud young Brian with a fish and proud young Ashley with a bigger fish! They were about the same age. Seriously, how precious is that?

 This is a beautiful picture of the ceremony through the eyes of the upstairs window.

The Arch was fresh and full and just the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Who has such lovely handwriting? 

Ashley and Brian had personalized frames for the guests that doubled as their seating assignments. What made this arrangement so special? Ashley's Grandmother penned all the names! 
Her artistic handwriting was just the romantic and elegant touch needed to make everyone feel extra special! 

Grandma added her decorative touch to the "Welcome" mirror and made this display absolutely gorgeous!

Congratulations Ashley and Brian Boothe! 
It was a wonderful day to be a part of !
Thank you both so much!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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