Friday, July 27, 2012

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!!!


In these summer months when the weather is heating up, here at the Jones Victorian Estate we make homemade, fresh squeezed Lemonade to help keep you hydrated! Actually, we make Iced Tea too.

I was reading recently of a man collapsed from heat exhaustion even though he had drank more than 4 large soft drinks!!So, I investigated. This is what I found under the title;
 "Soda Soft Drinks Do Not Hydrate Your Body!:

"If you look at any soda label you will note many have phosphoric acid at approximately, 2.8 pH (very acidic) a soda triggers a massive emergency calcium (alkaline) flush to balance the acid. The body is safe at 7.3 pH to 7.4 pH, which means you are putting something into your body that is hundred of thousands of times more acidic that your body is! Diseases flourish in an acidic environment."

The article went on and on, but you get the drift!

The vintage Lemonade Sign adds just the touch to the bar!

So,  don't forget to hydrate and if you happen to be at the Jones Victorian Estate, enjoy a nice, tall glass of fresh squeezed Lemonade!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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