Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where Do The Card Gifts Go?

"Where do the card gifts go?"
Hmmm, do you mean where do I put them or where are they? 
It can be a simple question for placement or a panicked reaction to find them!
It is my intention to organize even this small detail. Here's what I do... 

Here at the Estate, all the cards and gifts with cards are numbered! The cards have a safe vessel such as a hat box, a decorated box or a bird cage in which they are placed. 
The card gift receives two stickers with the same number. The gift with a card each receive one sticker of the same number. The sequence starts at 1 with the first gift and then 2 and so on. 
In that way, if the card is separated from the gift, we know where it belongs.  . 
All the gifts are placed inside the Parlor for safe keeping until the end of the evening. 
From there, a designated car is retrieved and all the gifts and specialty items are packed. A detailed list of all the specialty items (i.e. copy of marriage license, toasting glasses, cake knives, etc.) is placed in 
that vehicle! The car is locked and ready for the driver.

The stickers I love are the bright colors. They are easy to see on any card or package. These simple little stickers are an essential for safe keeping.  

A table bird cage for notes and cards. The rose petals on the bottom adds a touch of romance.

A vintage basket purse was the perfect accessory for the cards and postcards.

This bird cage was hung from the bird cage stand and in easy reach for the card gifts.

A big, rustic basket had plenty of room for the card gifts and small packages.

A vintage hat box works as a decorative accent as well as the storage for the card gifts.

A beautiful basket doubled as the container for the signed quilt squares as well as for the cards.
Each of the vessels or containers that was used for the card gifts were placed inside for safe keeping. 
What are you using for your card gifts? 
Do you have a "greeter" to assist you on the day of your wedding?
Who will be in charge of transporting the gifts? 
These are just a few questions you should consider for the end of the evening. 
It's these little details that will make a difference when you return from your honeymoon.
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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