Monday, July 16, 2012

Cake and Pies.... Oh My!

What's better than just a delicious cake? 
How about three delicious homemade pies!!
That's right! At Sara and Ryan's wedding, they had both. Ryan loved pies and Sara loved cakes and it was a delicious marriage of desserts too! The best part  was that we got to enjoy both!! 

Sara's cake with the accent of Tiffany blue, twigs, birds and the monogram tree stump stand (personalized by Linda, the mother of the groom - thank you!). 

Ryan's pies; Pecan, Lemon Meringue and Apple! All displayed on wood wafers. Thank you to "Simply From Scratch Pies."

Their cake topper was perfect for their cake and for their theme. Birds and love, perfect!


"They came flying from the woods
they sat together on the branches
they looked at each other with cheers
they cheeped and chirped with love;

When leaves of branches fell down,
when drops of rain fell down,
when snow from the mountains fell down,
they didn’t fall or fly away;

They sat frozen in the hands of love
their eyes sparkled in the hands of love
their wings stood brightened in the hands of love
their ears teemed with songs of love;

“Made for each other
you’re made for each other
with one sum, sense and soul
blessed by the Gods of Love”


Always fun, always playful, precious Sara and Ryan.... and me! You crack me up!

Here I am with Sara! Thank you Brandi of Brandi Barr Photography for all the fun pictures!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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  1. Hi,
    I'm radhikasree, the author of this poem of love birds. Please give a link to my page as I can see the address only being displayed.
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    Thank you.