Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's Your Hang Up?


Have you thought about a beautiful hanger to display  your gown?
Hehehehe... a play on words!
The Bridal Shops always include the standard plastic hanger, but really... it's your GOWN!

 Here at the Estate, I have thought of that little detail just in case you haven't. 
I have a collection of different colors in satin, floral patterns with a touch of glamour and even some that are vintage! 
On Etsy, the Original Bridal Hanger offers customized hangers with your name on it! 
Just think, Mrs......!

Since her theme was nature and green, this gown is surrounded by the environment!

 The Vienna Gates are an intricate detail  for the backdrop of this gown!
The Bougainvillea was a great backdrop!

Our Front Door!
No matter where you are getting married, treat yourself to a pretty hanger.  Just an idea, you can purchase the satin padded hangers for you and your Bridesmaids!! Add a silky robe in a hat box and you have a lovely gift that they will all enjoy!

Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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