Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Different Shot!

After each wedding, I invite the Bride and Groom inside the Victorian House to share some private time together.  It's a time just for them! This is a very important transition...They just got married!!
After the tears have dried and they are ready, I then invite the photographer inside. 
 This is where the magic begins.  
At Shelby and Justin's wedding, I asked for a different photographic angle and Michael was up for the challenge...   They were to sit on the rug!
At first, everyone was a bit puzzled as to what I was thinking. 
So, I showed them. 
In the living room, the red and gold wool rug is over 150 years old. It's beautiful all by itself. When we added Shelby and Justin, W O W!  This is the first shot that Michael of MemoriesbyMichael Photography sent over for me. 

I love the back lighting and the pure elegance of the shot! 
What a Great Job, Michael!
Thank you Shelby and Justin for your willingness to try something different while having fun at the same time! 
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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