Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Color, Color, Color for Kallie and Nick at the Jones Victoran Estate!

An inspiration! Color, Color, Color!!
I just love it when a Bride meets with me and she has ideas that she is trying to impliment in her wedding.  So many of my Brides are a bit fearful at first but it doesn't last long!
It's amazing how that idea expodes with fun and detail!
Here's what happened!
Kallie met me with this photograph of ribbons, a trunk full of items she had or had purchased recently and a question of what do I do now?
I always start the say way, I ask... "Do you love it or like it?"
She loved the photograph and loved all the bright elements that she brought. 
She was in turmoil because  she thought she should have a vintage ivory and white wedding.
 I asked, "Why?"
When we started playing with all of her bird houses and place mats and I saw how much she loved the rich colors, I couldn't help but encourage her to go with what she loves!
That's when the magic began!

We are using this inspiration for the Arch and I have so many ribbons!!! I have to admit, I got ribbon fever!
This fabulous idea spread to the cake table, his and her chairs and her "Just Married" sign!!

Here are just some of the fabulous elements that Kallie brought! The rich color and textures are a perfect match to the white backdrop that is the Jones Victorian Estate. 

Place mats!! Fun, pretty and so original. We are using them on the guest tables but only half! We brought the ribbon idea back for the other half of the tables!!

So, with the ribbon idea in mind, I wove together the different color ribbons to create the place mats for the other tables! Ribbon Fever!
It's getting better and better!
Kallie and Nick's wedding is days away!
Wait until you see what we are doing!
Have fun! Be Bold!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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