Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Ribbon Fever at the Jones Victorian Estate


Oh boy! I am having so much fun!!
It's ribbons! It's bright fun colors! It's so creative!! It's love at first sight!

Kallie's wedding is just days away and I'm working on putting the finishing touches on a few items before the big day on Saturday! She has given me the freedom to create and that's the best part.

As I think of more ideas, I take a picture and send it to her. I just love this new technology!! I want her to have the final yes or no on the projects. Here are just a few...

 With my ribbon fever, I was thinking about something special for the Bride and Groom's chairs. Ribbons!!! The bright colors of her ribbons are a fantastic and just the right touch!

Kallie's Mother dropped of two floral tin cones for the chairs... add a few flowers and waa laa! (They are artificial now but just wait for the fresh flowers on Saturday!!)

What do you do with a pretty Pink vase that Kallie wants branches in? Ribbons!! My Ribbon Fever took over! Honestly, it's contagious! I'm not done yet! I have this vase and another one, but Orange! She loved it! 

What about the cake table? Ribbons, of course! I made a ribbon skirt for the table and I can hardly wait to post it!
That's not all.... 

Look what I found? That's right... a ribbon departure!! So cute! Ribbon Fever in the best way!

Brandi of Brandi Barr Photography is the photographer for Kallie and Nick this weekend. She is creative, talented and fun! Her pictures will be so much better than the set-up photos! :)

The flowers will be Kallie's rich bright colors of Pink, Blue, Green, Orange and a "10%" Yellow to go with her ribbons, bird houses, lanterns and more!

What's your idea?
Let's get to planning...
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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