Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sping Time at the Jones!

It's May 1st and finally the wild mustard plants are in full bloom!
With the lack of rain, these precious plants had a slow start. Now, the fields are full and beautiful and waiting to be admired!!

Up close, these blooms are an explosion of color. They are soft and resilient! Their bright yellow petals dot the fields in magnificent beauty! They will be here for awhile and you can bet, I'm going to be
posting more fabulous photographs with my Bride and Grooms!!

 Here is the beautiful Stacy! The backdrop for her photograph is breathtakingly
gorgeous!  Thank you Jeray and Kim Photography for the picture.
Where are you getting married? The Jones Victorian Estate is not only a perfect venue but a perfect venue with lots and lots and lots of locations to enjoy!
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