Monday, May 7, 2012

The Pure Magic of Nature at the Jones Victorian Estate

There are certain days for me that start out okay but end spectacularly. 
Saturday was just that day!
I had back to back appointments and as I was getting ready for those meetings. I needed certain supplies from my Art Studio/Awesome Wedding Supply House.
As I was coming out of the little house, I noticed about 6 or 7 Bees flying around.
I thought that it was a bit strange because even though there was vegetation on the hill, the flowers weren't in bloom yet. As I walked down a few steps, I turned around to look back and this is what I saw.... 

Under the chair was a BEE HIVE! A real live Bee Hive! The Bees weren't agitated. They were actually quite peaceful with a few just flying to and fro.
Well, I was so excited! Now, I know some of you would run in fright and I completely understand that. 
I didn't! I was completely energized!
 I called my favorite Bee Man, Jeff, and asked and urged and prodded him to  come right over. 
He Did. 
It was the most magical act of kindness I have ever seen. I wish I had thought to video tape it.
This is what happened. 
Jeff came as promised and outfitted in his white Bee-Suit, much like a white Green Lantern.  He approached the hive with slow and determined movements. He ever so gently kneed down and moved his hands under the hive. He  s l o w l y  guided them into the new bee box that he put on top of the chair. 
It was like pouring water into a glass but these were hundreds of bees. 

It took him three hand fulls and waa laa... 
the Queenie and her family were inside in a safe and lovely new home.
Jeff was amazed at how calm the Bees were and how easy the transition was. 
But, he cautioned me! There is a "gestation" period of about 48 hours to see if the Bees will stay. 

I'm proud to say, the bees are happy and coming and going to feed their family as I write this post. They are moving in furniture and the Queenie is showing them where to put everything.

                              I went up to see them and they didn't even give me a slide ways glance!
The box will be moved farther up the hill but for now, the pure magic of nature is there for all to see.

It's special days like this when Nature shows itself in such glory that it makes the world, at least for me, a better place.

Thank you for reading!!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

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