Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stawberry Cream theme at the Jones Victorian Estate


I ask you, who doesn't just love Strawberries and Cream? It brings back memories of the carefree, warm, summer days enjoying the fresh picked taste of a bowl of cold strawberries or strawberry short cake!

Kristen and Jason remembered those days too! With the help of her family, Kristen made fresh
strawberry jam for each guest. We displayed her homemade treats on different levels with our crystal cake stands and
topped it off with her sign: "Spread the Love." Now that is a yummy gift favor that everyone can enjoy!

She carried the strawberry-short cake theme with flowers for her Bridesmaids, arch and centerpieces too! The white peonies were accented with deliciously, colored strawberry and cream roses. They looked good enough to eat!
They were married under a trellis with ribbons and flowers blowing in the breeze.

Who needs a photo booth when you can have Bride and Groom Cardboard Cut-outs!! It was a fantastic idea! For a creative guest book idea, both of their sisters took Polaroid pictures of all the guests with the Bride and Groom. The pictures were amazingly funny and endearing as each guest had their own unique way
of posing with each cardboard character. I had to take a picture too because they were so cute! Later in the evening, the cardboard Bride and Groom
were seen dancing and celebrating with all the guests.

The dessert was the finishing touch to a lovely afternoon! They decided on the Croquembouche, a chocolate topped tower of cream puffs, instead of a cake and it was a perfect choice. Each guest had their choice of puffs, one or two; chocolate mousse filled or sweet cream cheese, but they were all served with a strawberry sauced heart!
Strawberries never looked and tasted so good!

It was a great day!!! Thank you Kristen and Jason!

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