Thursday, June 27, 2019

What About the Bridesmaid's Dresses? the Jones Victorian Estate

So, you have found your gown and now you are ready to start the entertaining what the Bridesmaid's will be wearing. 
Do you have a  traditional style?
Do you have a modern flair?
Do you like lots of color? 

There are a lot of questions, but the main question is what do you love? Not like, love?
Anything goes! AND if you really love it, then it REALLY goes!!

Here, Annemarie decided on specific colors for each Bridesmaid. A lot of thought went into how each gown would look on each lady. She chose long dresses for a more formal look.

Here, Kallie went with a floral gown! And, the maid of honor's dress was floor length to set her apart! Fun and Sassy!
Carissa decided on short dresses with a mix of color. The jewel tones were gorgeous! The grey sash along with their shoes were the accent of the day!

Brianna loved the mix of the pink and the mauve. With all matching shoes, the look was playful yet elegant.

Brandi dressed all her ladies in ivory to go with her vintage design. 

Rachell loved yellow so it was her first choice on Bridesmaid's dresses. 

Sara loved the tiffany touch! Her ladies were dressed in a short version for a warm day!
Kristen, with her Hallowedding theme, let her ladies decide on their own dresses.

Whatever you choose, remember, if you love it... it will be perfect!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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