Thursday, June 27, 2019



Did you know that the Jones Victorian Estate is a photographer's dream? 
Maybe, maybe not, right?!
Besides all the amazing features such as our lively grassy area with the swing, the beautiful waterfalls, the breathtakingly gorgeous drive, the old wine cellar and the vintage phone booth (to name a few) that are throughout my blog and website, did you know there is more?
Yes! So, much more!!

The hill shot in summertime.  Gorgeous depth of field, Yay! EMP Studios!
Are you interested in hiking up there as the sun sets?

Off the back road in fall...
 They wanted a natural contrast! Beautiful!
Are you a little bit country?

A stroll up the old rock road, Wow! EMP Studios! Thank you!
What's your favorite color?

The back road in March! Thank you Michael Jonathan Photography! The lighting is amazing!
What's on your wish list?

Wild flowers in August... at their best! Another feature of a Hill Shot!
 Are you looking for a natural and romantic backdrop?

A cool backdrop for all the men! When you have eight groomsmen it may be challenging but not at the Jones Victorian Estate! Oh yeah!
Do you have a large bridal party?

And just when you thought it couldn't get better!  Right! Here's our meadow up close in June. Nice!
Are you looking for some special portraits?

If you are looking for a unique venue with amazing features, unlimited variety in style AND photograph opportunities,  
The Jones Victorian Estate is the magical choice.

Because after all, when it's all said and done, all you will have left  will be your amazing memories and your absolutely gorgeous photographs. 

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate
(714) 744-1608

Thank you for reading.

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