Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Photographer's Dream - Part 2 with Mr. and Mrs. Travis Moore!

I posted previously that at the Jones Victorian Estate was  a photographer's dream come true. 
With so many locations and just the tiniest bit of creativity, 
the photographs come out spectacular.

I just received a Facebook post from Travis and Susan Moore sharing
their great photos that I did not have!!!
AND, more locations!!

Thank you so much for the photos. They are beautiful.

This is from behind the Waterfalls. A new perspective and oh so beautiful!

The meadow in full summertime bloom. The wild mustard is a sight to see as well as an breathtaking backdrop.

And... fun in the palm farm. That's right! Our parking lot is lined with gorgeous palm tree forest.
Now that's a backdrop no one has!!

Come see for yourself!
Let us help you with your special day to make it special to you!

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the Jones Victorian Estate
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