Friday, June 5, 2009

Details that make your day... Yours!

Here are some details that everyone enjoys! Anyone can incorporate these ideas or others to their wedding at a minimal cost!!
Make a sign out of old wood or recycle a cabinet door from the good will!! Use a little paint and WAAALAAA! 
A beautiful sign - add your names and date or an arrow or hand pointing in the right direction for the party. The Bride used an old floral blouse  as the fabric ribbon and accent. I hope someone's not looking for that top!

Here, two floral tins were painted white with "Mr and Mrs." added to them. They create a charming accent to the back of our chairs for the sweetheart table. We always add
candy crystals to the rims of the champagne glasses. Not only is it a tasty touch, but it also
adds fun to the glasses. Be creative! How about a mail box for your gift cards? There are treasures everywhere, take the time to look!

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