Tuesday, June 30, 2009

England and America Unite!

This past weekend England and America were finally united!
After a trying time (over a year!) of working with the immigration system of the American government for Mark's citizenship, Emily and Mark were forced to postpone their September 2008 wedding date.  While they waited for Mark's paperwork, Emily was able to receive her visa from the British in just three days! Wow! So, she was off to England to work and wait.  At that time, America couldn't tell them actually when it would be completed! Their frustration was palpable. 
They decided perhaps another 9 months might be enough time so they rescheduled it for June of this year.
  I am very happy to say, yes, England and America were finally united in Love here at the Jones Victorian Estate. With the British and American flags flying,  it was truly a wonderful and beautiful day! 
Emily's place settings were accented with Menu cards tucked inside the napkin, ribbon and a fresh baby pink rose on top.
The Centerpieces were an explosion of roses and peonies. 
The Arch was accented by hydrangeas, roses and peonies as well for a lovely backdrop for the ceremony. Although I don't have pictures of the Bride and Groom, I will be getting them soon from their photographer. So, check back and see the happy couple.
Oh, one more item... After all the toasts were completed, Mark stood up and thanked everyone for coming and thanked his lovely Bride! What a wonderful gesture that had us all in tears! Cheers!

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