Friday, June 5, 2009

May May May!! Congratulations to all my May Brides!

To all my May Brides:
Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary to Cristy Peoples (5/6/2000), Kerry Long (5/13/2000), 
Nicole Markle/Kolb (5/20/2000), Joan Colignon/Garlzta (5/27/2000), Robyn Little (5/5/2001),
Minday Stovl/Moody (512/2001), Wendy Propst/Okumura (5/19/2001), Amber Stringer (5/16/2001), Kelly and Sonny Engels (5/4/2002), Cara and Bob Wilson (5/11/2002), Jennifer and Trevor Stivers (5/18/2002), Kirsten and Mike McNiff (5/25/2002), Jacqueline and Paul Barker (5/3/2003), Leslie and Trevor Plunk (5/10/2003), Stacy and Eric Paulsen (5/17/2003), Marlena and Andy Huber (5/24/2003), Amy and Jason Martin (5/31/2003), Jody and Long Truong (5/1/2004), Nicole and Brad Walker (5/8/2004), Carrissa and Kevin Green (5/15/2004), Sara and Carlos Vera (5/22/2004), Felecia and Robert Gonzales (5/29/2004), Ashleigh and Matt Muinch (5/7/2005), Sarah and Paul Mittman (5/28/2005), Brandie and Ralph Pacheco (5/6/2006), Janai and Jose Umana (5/13/2006), Leslie and Dennis Barclay (5/20/2006), Sayuri and Kevin Kobayaski (5/5/2007), Heather and Michael Orban (5/12.2007), Amber and Brandon Willson (5/19/2007), Shannon and Jason Nigro (5/26/2007), Natalie and Kyle Mansfield (5/3/2008), Jennifer and Jamie Cox (5/17/2008), Emily and Christian Rayburn (5/31/2008)! That's only in since 2000!!! We have had over a 128 years of weddings at the Jones Victorian Estate. Thank you so much for allowing us to share in your special day! I wish you many more years of happiness!

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