Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where does an idea come from?


Where does an idea come from?

Let me ask you...What do you love?

Katie, her Mother and her Auntie met me at Flower Allie for our centerpiece and bouquet "trial" session. Katie loves the richness of purple and greens along with feminine details such as crystal, silver and lace.

Collectively, they had all sorts of crystal pieces, pedestal candle holders, votive candles and lace. We brought together all her "loves" to see where the "wow factor was.

As it turned out, the wow was everywhere. We decided to create three separate vinettes for the tables. In that way, everything she loves will tie in nicely!

Alison of Flower Allie brought out this wonderful green vase that was just the right color and accent to finish the look. It's little but just perfect to bring more green to the table.

Where does an idea come from? Inside you! From your heart! It's what you love that can be incorporated into your day! Even the smallest of accents can be just the inspiration you need! I'm here to help!

Enjoy the process by taking baby steps. Before you know it, you'll be running with enjoyment!
Smiles and Love,

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