Friday, September 23, 2011

Elegance, beauty it's all here... the Jones Victorian Estate


I just received an email with lots and lots and lots of photographs from Erika and Michael Hauser's wedding. AND they are amazing! Brandi of BrandiBarrPhotography captured their joy and fun while highlighting the elegance and beauty of their day. Join me...


 Somehow I loaded these backwards.... Here's our famous rose petals exit!!! The end has to be a joyous affair to match the day. Don't forget this detail!
 They danced under the lights and had a ball. We added colorful Chinese lanterns for an added accent.
 Here, we had a group shot! A perfect choice for their album!! Squeeze in everyone and look here!!!
Erika and Michael took private moment on the back bridge with the waterfall flowing underneath!
 Is this the cutest picture EVER? I love, love, love it!! They were just announced and we were all cheering and clapping in celebration.
 Erika and Michael at the gorgeous Arch and perfect backdrop for their ceremony. Father Ara is behind them. He is  short but his ceremonies pack a big punch of love, honor and commitment!

 The vows are next! Father Ara has the good ones!!

A beautiful backdrop for Erika's lovely gown and beautiful flowers. Can you see the light hue of blush and the delicate jewels? A perfect gown for Erika!

Well done Brandi!! Thank you so much for all the photos. I have lots more to come.
Make your day the best it can be, enjoy it to the fullest!
Congratulations to Erika and Michael Hauser.
Michelle Gregory

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