Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Old Beautiful Quilts... They are not just for warmth anymore!

Are you planning a wedding with a homegrown or vintage design theme? 
Have you given it any thought? 
If you are or have, I have a suggestion for you. 
In my mind, it conjures up rich texture, color with dimension, love that's real  and warmth of history all  mixed together into a beautiful package.
So, how would you use these precious love gifts?
Here are a few....

A table overlay!

A special linen for the sweets or cake table!

They may be used for those rumbustious flower girls and ring bearers!

                 I added a few snacks and toys to the quilt and these children were in heaven!

A welcome quilt that proudly displays the love for the day!

                                    Here, I mixed textures with the table linens and it was a big hit!

Quilts are a lovely way to add color and texture to the overall theme without a huge expense. 
They can be a special wall hanging behind the cake table or how about an overlay for the gift table or bridal table! 

Here, the guests signed quilt squares instead of a guest book! So, whether the quilts are for decoration or practical usage, they are a wonderful element to add to any wedding.

Let's have fun!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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