Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Options at the Jones Victorian Estate


I found these pictures and I had to post them because they are ssssooooooooo beautiful!!!
The closet picture with the Bride's gown is captivating. The gown actually looks like it belongs there! Here at the Estate, our personal service is what sets us apart. We invite all our Bride's to bring their gown early in the week for safe keeping AND on the wedding day, it's here!! The worry about wrinkles and the rush to get to the site are eliminated.
The woodsy photo shows the diversity of the Estate. Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we take the time for these special moments.
What about the cake? Her colors of orange, yellow and green popped and were so beautiful. The cake was delicious! How about that Orange Zest Cake with Orange Creme Filling? Seconds, please!
Thank you to Renee Broughton Photography!! Contact us at (714) 744-1608 - www.thejonesvictorianestate.com

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