Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Joe and Stacy! What a day!!


I just received these sneak peak photos from the photographers; Kim and Jeray! It was a perfect day and look what they captured?!!

Kim, Jeray, Stacy and I love this wild, yellow mustard. We have fields of it! Yellow everywhere! It was perfect because Stacy's colors are yellow and black. Who knew?
We got Joe to smile and what a smile he has!!
Here they are in our field and their joy is apparent! In a simple word... Gorgeous!
Lovely Stacy!
Our Phone booth never looked so good!
Is this the most precious picture ever???? I love it!! Great job Kim and Jeray!
We had time for the waterfalls too. What a lovely backdrop! It's spring and all the flowers are blooming!
Check out more pictures on our facebook page!

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