Monday, April 4, 2011

Your Style! Help when you need it!


What is your style? The magazines are asking! The Bridal shops are asking! Your friends and family are asking! There are a myriad of answers but sometimes that simple question will send Brides panicking.

What is the solution? Easy! If you can't pin point your style, it will evolve! How, you ask?
It's what you like best. It's what makes you feel good. It's what puts a smile on your face when you think of it. It can be a lot of different things or just one.

My job is to help you find that answer and enjoy the process. Maybe you don't want a home-spun feel. Maybe you don't like to "make" things. Maybe you like simple lines and simple designs. Maybe you love all the ideas you see but don't know how to go about getting it or finding it.

To begin with, I ask all my Brides to make their planning binder. (I would rather than put one together instead of purchasing an organizer because it is so much less stressful) With the different labels for the different aspects of the Wedding, each Bride can freely collect everything that they enjoy or attracted to without sensor. Let me repeat that... without sensor. It's fun! Flower pictures, cake pictures, color wheels or samples, dining room set ups, gardening photos, lipstick color, it doesn't matter... all of it. Any of it.

When we get together, we bring out all the pictures and that's when the magic begins. Your style emerges! I'm there to help pull it all together and if you like, add special touches to make it even better... to make it you. Be Bold.

Let's plan together~
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate - 714) 744-1608

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy." Dalai Lama

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