Saturday, September 5, 2009

Better than a Photobooth!!

It's been a busy Saturday with amazing results. Today, I also met with Sara and Scott to discuss another option to the Photobooth. I found Mr. Carl Hill, of Captured Moments Photography, who provides a BETTER service than the photobooth and with a lot more personality!
For Sara and Scoot, Carl and his assistant will provide 3 hours of photography, full service with Lap top computer for cropping or editing, 2 printers for faster printing AND each
guest will have a variety of three pictures and a picture of the Bride and Groom to take home on that 5 X 7. Carl took pictures of the Bride and Groom today to display a sample with them on the sample!!! How cool is that!
The Bride and Groom will receive a CD of ALL the pictures plus a copy of each page of photographs. The guests will sign those photographs for their scrapbook. The advantage of this service is that they are better quality with full color printed on a 5X7 sheet, instantly. If there is a group, each member of the group will also receive a copy (that way you don't have to wait for someone to send it to you or check in out on Facebook), AND guess what?? The price knocks it out of the park, at $500.00 it's a perfect addition to any wedding without breaking the bank!! There are always alternatives, be bold!

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