Saturday, September 5, 2009

Creative! Fun! and Blue, Blue, Blue!

Today I met with Kelli and her Maid of Honor, Christina, at Flower Allie for our floral appointment. She had already chose her bridesmaid's dresses of Midnight Blue with accents of Tan. The men are wearing tan suits which is perfect. So, I told Kelli to check out thrift stores and see what kind of blue vases she could find and I would do the same. She arrived at Flower Allie with a gorgeous variety of vases, cups, urns and bottles in her blue!! I had found a blue tea pot that was so cute! It was such fun because we all agreed that each container had its own personality and it would be better to let Alison create each look. The cost was amazingly affordable... from .59 to 2.00! Don't rely on Ebay with their shipping costs or wholesale outlets, find some wonderful accents at your local Thrift Store and Salvation Army. You won't be disappointed.

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