Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's a Croquembouche!!!!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we also offer a tantalizing treat in place of the traditional wedding cake. The Croquembouche!!! What is a Croquembouche? Ahhhh, one word... wonderful!
It is a Victorian treat that they actually stole from the French. It's a French Wedding Cake. It's cream puffs stacked pyramid style, drizzled with dark chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar! Each puff is injected with your choice of fillings! My favorite is Chocolate Mousse or Bavarian Cream. But what's even better are the fruit sauces I make to accompany the puffs. It's all about presentation!! (my favorite word) For Courtney and Michael here, her colors were green, ivory and black. She chose kiwi sauce, honeydew sauce and white chocolate sauce. Each dessert plate is laced with the sauces and then the two puffs are placed on top! Yumm!! Consider something different if you dare!! I'll help you. :)

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