Monday, September 21, 2009

Honoring Parents and Grandparents!!

We had a wonderful weekend! Lindsay and Justin Gillen were married in style!! It was beautiful.
Lindsay brought out endearing elements into her celebration. She honored both sets of grandparents and parents with a dedication photograph display at the entry of the back courtyard. As the guests walked to the wedding ceremony site, they were greeted with wedding pictures of both parents and their parents. It was a wonderful tribute to them all.
She came up with a "winery theme" that was perfect. Each table was labeled with a wine and a picture of the two of them. It was two sided so guests could easily see the name of the tables. We added fresh grapes to the bottom of the vase, filled it with water and then placed it on a full floral base of bright yellow, orange, purple, red and green! (Thank you Flower Allie!!) She topped it off with a colorful floating candle!! Lindsay and her mother, Kristi and I had so much fun going to Shinodas to find just the right vase and supplies.
Those polka dot round boxes on the tables were "time capsules."
It was wonderful!!! Congratulations Lindsay and Justin!

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