Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Delicious Home-Made Gift for the Holidays!


Are you looking for a really tasty gift for the holidays? Are you trying to find something easy to make because most "home-made" goodies are time consuming or complicated?Are you worried because time is running out and you need something special? 
I have just the gift! Limoncello! It's tasty, it's fast to make, it's easy with very few steps!

Do you want to try it? Let me help...

Here are my bottles with labels and ribbons all ready for gift giving!

How to start? Easy!  Step One:
Purchase a  750 ml bottle of your favorite Vodka. If you are like me and really don't drink, ask for a nice one. Pour it into a big GLASS container. I suggest glass because it's clean and won't taint your beverage. 
Next, remove the zest of 10 to 12 lemons. Zest is the yellow peel of the Lemon. Use a potato peeler and get as little of the pith, white part underneath, as possible. It's what makes the beverage bitter. 
Seal tight and place in a cool and dark place for 5 days!
Mix once  a day.
Step Two:
After 5 days, prepare your simple syrup; 3 1/2 cups sugar to 5 cups water. Bring to a quick low boil, turn off and let sit to cool. Cool to room temperature and add to glass container. Your mixture will be yellow! Mix Well.
Seal tight and rest for 1 day!
Step Three:
The next day, pour the liquid through a strainer for the big peels and then cheese cloth for the tiny ones. 

Step Four: Pour into sterilized bottles and seal. I used a tiny peeler and put a couple of thin lemon peels into each bottle for fun! You can use canning jars or any jars you have on hand!

Step Five: I made labels on my computer and printed them for the front and an explanation label for the back! "Mod Podge" is a wonderful product that makes your labels stick!

Step Six: I dolled them up with holiday ribbon and you are done! It's beautiful, tasty and completely unique! And just think, YOU DID IT!

Here's my finished product with a "Merry Christmas" tag.

Be bold, have fun and others will too!

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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