Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Favorite Pictures Until 2013!!


Well, 2012 is about over so I thought I'd take this time to post some of my favorite photos each day until the end of the year!
Each photo is so precious and has it's own story to tell!

Here's Shelby and her Mother sharing a very tender and precious moment together! It's so dear and one of my favorites. 

Here's Kallie and her ladies! It's just plain fun and I love the Bridesmaid on the left with her stretch and cute face!!

Here's Haamed and Kari at the end of the evening! They are both so joyous and the photographers (Kim and Jeray photography) caught the rose petals in flight! I love Haamed's expression and his fist in the air!!

And Brandi and Josh! They are just so cute! This photo was before the rose petal send off but after the last dance. I just love it! 

I'll post more of my favorites!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate 

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