Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fun with Wine Barrels!

Have you seen any of the remarkable uses for the come wine barrel? 
They add character to a bar, a focal point to a dessert station, a surprise to a beer display, an informative touch for a beverage menu, a stunning backdrop for the gift favor jelly jars, and a beautiful accent piece for family photographs!
Whatever your theme, a wine barrel can be wine-y :), vintage, country, rustic, or just plain-ole-fun!

We surprised the guests with a beer filled wine barrel!

This beverage menu and display was a huge hit! 

The jelly jar display was fun and inviting!

An up close photo of the jelly display. The picnic baskets were a lovely touch!

A dessert station with a "help yourself" sign.

We added bunting to the wine barrel for Marysia and Matt's wedding. The bunting added color and play fullness!

Thirsty? This beverage display is not only beautiful but inviting!

Need a special focal point? A wine barrel photo display might just be the trick!
(Thank you Pinterest!)

Are you looking for something different than just a table with linens? 
A wine barrel might just be a nice change!
And guess what?
We have them at the Estate!!!
Let's talk about what makes you smile!!!

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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