Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vanity Mirrors!

Do you enjoy the romance and delicacy of anything vintage? 
How about Vanity Mirrors? 
They are very reasonably priced, from $5.00 to $30.00! They can be found a your local thrift store, flea market, antique store or antique swap meet. They are all unique and a beautiful piece to start with.
Kelly and her friend loved the look of the vanity mirrors and she decided to incorporate them in her wedding. This is how an idea starts!
What do you love?

She had a blast finding all sorts of different vanity mirrors. We then teamed them up with a vintage frame, some old and new bottles and lace doilies. I have an abundance of dried lavender so we made little bouquets for each mirror.

Here is the happy Kelly  with all the trays, frames with chalk boards and bottles for each arrangement.

From there, she had the table numbers professional "chalked," and we added flowers to the vases.

I have never liked the back of table number frames! So, I came up with an idea to add a card the size of the frame that detailed Kelly's bridal party and some fun facts about them. In that way,   no matter where a guest sits, it looks good and finished!!

The little lavender bouquet was just what Kelly wanted... a delicate addition.

The flowers were simple but elegant and each table hosted an assortment vintage bottles.

I love the combination of three vases; small, medium and tall, and a mix of color too!
Since her colors were green and light lavender, the green bottles just added to the fun of the overall design!

Here's Kelly and her girls!

This very vintage and unique centerpiece was a huge hit that everyone enjoyed.
In fact, all the ladies wanted to take the trays home!

What do you think? The mirrors are a beautiful base for any centerpiece. The delicate metal designs and the shape of the trays make them a great starter piece!
You can add your own touches and make it completely different!!

Do you need some help with designing? 
Let's have some fun!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate


  1. Hi Michelle, I was looking at the blog and came across my pics! It was such a beautiful wedding and we were soooo happy with how everything turned out :) I still owe you some wedding day pics!! BTW, we had a baby boy last November. His name is Knox and he is a joy!! Thanks again for doing such an awesome job with our wedding! XOXO,
    Kelly Lund

  2. Hi Michelle, I was checking out your blog and came across this! I want to thank you again for doing such an awesome job with our wedding! It really was such a beautiful day and had so much fun with the planning :) BTW, we had a son last November named Knox. He is a joy!! I still owe you some wedding pics too!! Hope all is well!

    Kelly Lund