Friday, March 12, 2021

Vintage Quilts to warm your heart and body at the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964

We all want the Wedding days to be just perfect! From the decorations, to the food, to the cake, to the music and most importantly, the weather ... it's what I pray for! 
Sometimes the weather can be chilly but there's no need to worry!! 
It's the perfect time to add a little fun! 
Here at the Estate, along with the space heaters, we bring out our vintage quilts and lap quilts. They warm your body while warming your heart! 

 Tied in a bow, they are a wonderful treat for anyone, young or old!

 Vintage quilts have so many different uses that can add a lovely, warm charm to your decoration!
 The Quilts can add a beautiful, stylish accent to your ceremony!
 Hang them and they become a colorful backdrop  for your seating cards  and/or photography too!!

The Flower Girls and Ring Bearers can sit on them during your wedding! Add little bags of goodies on your quilt for a special treat and it will help entertain them!!

The Quilts add color and texture to your guest tables or to your  special head table!

 Katie added her quilt to the cake and cupcake dessert table for a colorful W O W effect!

That's not all Katie used her quilts for... she made a sign that greeted the guests upon their arrival, a sign for the ceremony site, signs that indicated  Ladies and Gentleman's rooms and the party sign!

As you can see, the quilts are so versatile and perfect for a lovely detail!    In fact, I'm going to use one right now as I finish this post!! It's cold outside!!

Happy Wedding planning and Happy Holidays!
Michelle Gregory

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