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Kari and Haamed's Persian Wedding's Sofreh display! The Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


Each wedding, no matter what, I learn something new. It's true! Even after 26 years of weddings, there is always something new and fresh and endearing that makes my job the best.

Kari and Haamed's wedding did just that. It was the very fine details that made this learning experience so precious. I had been given a beautiful Persian table cloth from my friend, Tina, and it was just the accent they used for their Sofreh table!!!

They had a lovely Persian/American wedding in April and the photos of the Sofreh Aghd are breathtaking *along with other details to be sure.) At this table, each item represented something symbolic for the Bride and Groom and their future together.  

The Mother of the Groom set the table with lots of love, care and detail. I now have the pictures for you to enjoy!!

Symbolic items include:
Mirror – to bring light and brightness into the future
Candelabras – to symbolize fire and energy
Tray of spices – to guard against evil
Flowers – for beauty
Bread – for prosperity in the couple’s life
Decorated eggs and nuts – for fertility
Pomegranates and apples – for a joyous future
Crystallized sugar – to sweeten the new life together
Gold coins – for wealth and prosperity
Book – for knowledge 

Kari and Haamed during the Sofreh ceremony and the lovely music and celebration that followed!

Haamed's lovely mother was the creator of the magnificent Sofreh table. She is adorable as she celebrated her son and new daughter's wedding day!

The card bird cage was perfect for the safety of the gifts. 
Our chandelier in the gazebo accents their cake beautifully and was located near the Sofreh table for an extra pop of elegance. 

Congratulations Kari and Haamed! As I receive more photos I will post them. 
A Special Thank you to Jeray and Kim Wedding Photographers for the lovely photographs. 

What are your family traditions?
Is there something special that you would like to incorporate in your day?
Don't hesitate! It will make your day truly yours!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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