Tuesday, March 16, 2021

You just got engaged!! What's next? The Jones Victorian Estate to the rescue! (714) 343-1964

Congratulations, you just got engaged! Wow, how did he do it?

It doesn't take long at all for family and friends to ask, "What's your date? 
Are you planning a spring or summer wedding? 
Where are you getting married? 
What's your theme?
 Have you figured out your budget? 
 How many are you going to have in your Bridal party? Who's going to be one of your Bridesmaids? 
What color are the bridesmaid's dresses? 
Dates are booking fast, when are you going to start looking?"
 YYYYIIIIIKKKKKKEEEESSSSSSS! "I just got engaged, I don't know!" your must be thinking. The stress starts creeping in. You are already starting to get overwhelmed and you haven't even begun the planning!

S T O P!

You just got engaged!! Before you start anything, please take a least few weeks off and enjoy this special time. This is the time to dream together. This is the time to find out what each other really wants. It's the simple things that mean the most. There is plenty of time for the planning and finding the perfect site for you! So, if you feel stressed already, stop!
If I can help, please let me know. Simplify the situation by thinking it's just like deciding to buying a car. 
You both do a little research on what color, style and make and see what the budget is all about. Simplify!
Enjoy this special time in your lives!!
the Jones Victorian Estate
(714) 343-1964

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