Friday, March 12, 2021

A Review from the Mother of the Bride! The Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


I received this wonderful review that I thought you would enjoy reading!
A special thank you to Pam Zitny, the Mother of the Bride. 

"We would HIGHLY recommend Jones Victorian Estate for any event. The grounds are immaculate, very lush gardens surrounding a picturesque bridge over a small pond and waterfall. All of our guests commented on how beautiful the venue is. Great background for the photos! We had a slightly different situation in that the bride and groom were out of the country for several months before our wedding but that didn't stop Michelle, the owner and event coordinator. She and the bride communicated very well through email and pinterest. My daughter, the bride, had very unique ideas and Michelle was able to accommodate us in every way. Michelle is a very talented and creative person and she was simply a pleasure to work with. We also had what could have been a catastrophe right before the wedding: Lipstick on wedding gown! No problem - I panicked but Michelle handled it like a pro. It all came out. We absolutely love the way nearly everything is included in the package. It really helps keep the stress level down. Food was gourmet, DJ very professional, and the flowers - Wow! Another very much talked-about item at the wedding. Amazingly beautiful. As for the cake, my daughter had in mind a popular Australian dessert: Sticky Date Pudding, which is really a cake and not a pudding. However, it's virtually unheard of here in the U.S. Michelle had her baker bake it for us twice before the wedding because it wasn't quite what we had in mind. It ended up being perfect and we so appreciated the extra time and work that went into making it that way. All-in-all, it turned out to be a wonderful wedding day and we'll always have great memories of that day. Pam Zitny"

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