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Does a "First Look" Make Sense For Our Day? from the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


Does the "First Look" make sense for our day?

 I have been asked that many times. Let's break it down a bit to offer as many details as possible. 

1. Make sure you have a schedule of events for your bridal party and family that will be part of your "first Look" photo session. If the bridal party and family are included too, then everyone MUST be on time for this pre-wedding photo shoot to work. If anyone is late, it will throw off the completion of the shoot. Suggestion: have everyone carpool or a couple of cars ready to go and make sure snacks are available!

2. If your "first look" is just for the Bride and Groom, give yourselves extra time to arrive at your destination. This will give you a less-stressful beginning to your day. As the finishing touches are being made, have one of your bridal party or family check with the photographer and the coordinator (if you have one) to be sure the location is ready and all props are in place.

3. This first look is precious. Remember to take in each moment and enjoy it.

Do I recommend a first look? Generally no but each situation is unique. I work very hard to make sure that that moment is the best it can be if that is the decision made. Sometimes, it really helps eliminate the wedding jitters if you see each other before hand. 

I prefer the moment when you first see each other for the first time down the aisle. At the Estate, we have the Bride and her father or escort stop at a designated spot so all the guests will rise. The entrance is dramatic and showcases the Bride before the final "approach" to the Alter and allows that eye to eye contact. 

Whatever you decide, make sure it is your decisions not based on the photographer. All due respect, but it is your day and making it easier for them seems silly. If your photographer is organized,  fast (with the cameras today, it is fast!) has an assistant and/or is creative, the photography can be completed after the wedding and still have time to enjoy the day. 



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