Thursday, March 11, 2021

Have a LOVE for TRAVEL? Inspiration for your wedding, at the Jones Victorian Estate! (714) 343-1964

Have you moved and traveling back for your wedding? 
Do you love to travel?
Has your engagement been a traveling connection?
Do you just love old luggage?
Whatever the reason, luggage is a multi-faceted accent piece. 
The important thing is that if you love it, let's figure out the best design for you!

Below, I stacked old crates with the luggage for Jessica and Adam's wedding. 
Here Ashley and James added luggage to a crate for a special welcome at the entrance to the wedding. "From This Day Forward" was the perfect sign to add to this overall design and perfect for the setting. 
Ashley and Ryan used their luggage as a special photo display! Filled with beautiful baby's breath, the photos are more romantic, fun and have a real pop!!
Hillary and Ryan use their luggage at the guest book table for a perfect container for all her special finds! 

These are just  a few ways we have incorporated luggage in the wedding design!
 If you love them, then lets start playing!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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