Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Fishing at the Jones Victorian Estate! What is your dream? (714) 343-1964

Andy and Megan were married this weekend with a new and fun twist! Megan surprised Andy by adding  a fishing theme to her wedding planning. The special touches were noticed by all and especially by Andy! He loved it! 
Check them out below.

 The Bride's grandfather brought a fishing pole that we sat on a rock next to the lagoon. It was the perfect prop for the day!  It was her grandfather that made all the fish out of wood. Megan, her mother and Maid of Honor painted them and we anquored them down with one pound weights on fishing line. The fish looked like they were swimming in the current of the falls! 

Look at all the fish!  Green fish, blue fish, yellow fish, grey fish!!  There were eighteen fish in all including bottom dwellers and sharks that swam that day!!

Megan and her Mother, Julie, found this great  fish vase for the candy station! They included the candy fish and with the rest of the treats!! What a great find!

For more fun, Megan found a fishing Bride catching a Groom for her cake topper! 

Their special touches reflected their love of the outdoors. And, where else to express that than the Jones Victorian Estate! 
Megan was mindful at keeping the elegance of her wedding while including their personality and it worked perfectly.
 I can hardly wait for the pictures from the photographer!
Congratulations Megan and Andy!
Michelle Gregory

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