Monday, March 15, 2021

Crystal Cake Stand... Where's the Crystals? the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964

Ah, an inspiration!
 Sometimes an inspiration is spectacular and exciting but a bit out of the budget. That's where I come in. It's my job to find a way around a design to make it reflect the Bride's style, her color scheme and her wallet. 
My Bride, Diana, found this particular cake design (below) that was gorgeous!
 She loved the hanging crystals but was having trouble creating it within her budget.
 This was our start.. our inspiration!!

At the next meeting,  we discussed the picture in detail. I explained the many options available to her,  all of which were a challenge, except one.   I brought out a variety of my crystal cake stands to get a better visual.  Each of them  unique with different styles and sizes. We found two that she loved and that would be perfect for the project and a perfect start.

I dug around my supplies and found crystals from an old chandelier that I had saved. Diana's friend had a bag full of crystals from a garage sale. We now had all of our supplies and a simpler design that would cost her nothing!!  But most importantly, a design that she loved! Wow!!!

One last issue; her pink. She wanted pink flowers added to the design.

 I played with the crystals and on each stand. The top stand had scalloped edges and it was perfect for attaching the crystals. With her approval,   I was ready to go!

 Crystal stand number one!

I began wiring the crystals with clear fishing line and crisscrossing them across the top of the stand. I glued the fishing line on the top and a bit on the side to hold all the crystals in place. I continued around the scalloped edge until all the crystals were in place.

 Waalaa! The first stand ready to go. The second stand was smaller but this stand had a scalloped edge with a lip on it. It was so easy to attach the crystals to that scalloped lip edges with the wires.
Now, I realize from this raw picture it doesn't look like much! Just two stands with crystals hanging off the edges. But just wait.
 Next step, Diana wanted pink flowers on her cake!  It was off to ABC Cakes to help us with that last piece of the design.  

Diana decided on  edible flowers in light  and dark pink. All of a sudden, her dream cake was coming to fruition. 

Here's her cake! All the crystals on the crystal stands, edible flowers on the butter cream frosting on each layer and the black and white damask linen.

Cake cutting at its finest! With the crystal chandelier above, the vintage pink plates and the Mr. and Mrs. forks set, the Bride and Groom enjoyed their cake and ate it too!

A special Thank you to Michael at for the photographs!

What's your design inspiration?  Don't give up to soon!!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

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