Tuesday, March 9, 2021

APRONS! Look What We Are Doing at the Jones Victorian Estate. (714) 343-1964

Vintage Aprons
In new and fun ways... not just for cooking anymore!

I thought a new spin on an old favorite would be a fun post!
Aprons! They are so pretty and have been kept in the kitchen for to long.
Here, I have used them as chair covers, decoration accents, for cake cutting and the money dance. They are so much fun and have so many more uses than just in the kitchen.
Check of few of these out...

Chair Covers for all the chairs and a quit for the overlay!

The aprons are the skirting for this table. 

We added crystal, plates on crystal candlesticks and flowers to make Brandi's vintage them come alive.

I even had an apron in her colors!!! Perfect to bring the colors in...

For Erica's polka dots and stripes, this apron was a perfect choice.

For Chantelle, her colors were yellow and even Aron joined in on the fun!

Erica's apron was not just for display, she wore hers for the cake tasting!

There are always other ways to display your favorite accent. 
Let's talk!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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